Today is and we have

Looking better than we did in '72 ... The Reunion Committee hard at work: March 1, 2017
Front Row: Chris Amatos, Sunny Bright, Bob Fry, Jenny Long, Becky Burton
Back row: Mark Erickson, Brad Sharp, Mike Whiteman, Doug Trotter, Susan Robenalt
           Chris Amatos 614-929-4278 Jennifer Shutt Long 740-548-5346
  Edie Rader Blough 614-371-1900 Susan Hayes Robenalt 614-208-8069
  Sunny Bright 614-488-2452 Brad Sharp 937-302-0603
  Becky Burton 614-288-8880 Greer Rouda 614-565-1224
  Mark Erickson 614-325-6929 Ann Beattie Snider 614-544-4595
  Bob Fry 614-989-5294 Doug Trotter 614-425-4811
  Lisal Haldi Gorman 614-531-0472 Mike Whiteman, Chairperson 614-406-5600

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