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Today's technology gives us many methods for connecting with other people, and reunion time is a great time to reunite with longtime friends. Below are ways that our classmates can communicate with one another. We COUNT ON YOU to update your information, and we do it through The Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA).
UAAA has two databases:
DATABASE 1 is a complete database of each alum's name, maiden name, home address, telephone number, email address, and any clubs, athletic teams, or organizations we joined while at UAHS. This database is used for generating address labels for reunion mailings and for notifying specific groups of alums (such as athletic teams) to special events. IMPORTANT: NONE of this information is presented online or is shared with anyone publicly.
DATABASE 2 is used to generate the email pages and the"Lost Classmates" lists on the UAAA web site, For alums' privacy and security, UAAA asks that each alum to send in our own name and email address, as not all grads wish to be listed online. Similarly, UAAA depends on us to contact them with updates when we change our email addresses.

Instead of listing the alums from The Class of 1972 on this web site, we are referring you to, where the most current and updated information is found.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your email address is correct. Also, if you have moved since our last reunion, please complete the form on this page so that UAAA can update your home address.

Visit's 1972 Email page and look up your classmates by the last name he or she used in high school. Then click the name on the right and send that friend an email message.

Each alum must submit his or her own information. Please submit your name and email here. If you see your name on the lost list, please update your address and phone number here.


Visit the Class of 1972 Facebook page and "like" it so that you'll receive notifications when classmates post messages or photos.

Remember to post a photo of you standing in front of your UA childhood home. See details.

Follow UA72 on Twitter to receive the latest news about our class and about the upcoming reunion. As we get closer to the reunion, quick messages will be posted here.

The UA Alumni Association protects each alum's private contact information by NOT posting it on or elsewhere. We do create mailing labels for reunion committees to use, and then when undeliverable mail is returned to us, we add that person's name to the class lost list and try to locate them. See the list of 1972 "lost" classmates. It is located under the list of email addresses.

If you have moved in the past ten years, please update your contact information here.

Just like home addresses, we do not publish alums' phone numbers online. We do like to have that information for our Database 1, so if your phone number has changed in the past ten years, please submit an update of your contact information here.

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